Trans Teen Gets Personal About Being Bullied In Powerful Viral Video

The 14-year-old didn't let the haters stop her.

Corey Maison, a teenage girl who is transgender, overcame bullying and is opening up about her story online.

In a partnership with The Bully Project, the 14-year-old shed light on the tough reality of transphobic bullying, which she experienced when she started embracing her true identity.

With each index card that flashes across the screen, Maison divulges a little bit about her past -- feeling ostracized at school, being teased for wearing a dress and even being encouraged to harm herself by a cruel classmate. But eventually Maison came across a documentary about Jazz Jennings and saw herself in the young trans advocate.

"There's nothing 'wrong' with me. I'm transgender," she realized.

Equipped with a little more confidence, Maison decided to go back to public school, where has been able to use the restroom and locker room that matches her gender identity without a problem and play on the girls soccer team.

This isn't the first time the internet has boosted Maison into the spotlight. A photo of Maison went viral in April for giving a new face to the debate over North Carolina's trans bathroom law and challenging its supporters.

Watch the video above to learn more about Corey Maison's story.

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