Corgi's Love For His New Baby Sister Knows No Bounds

Corgi's Love For His New Baby Sister Knows No Bounds

Despite strong evidence to the contrary, dog-parents who decide to become actual baby-parents continue to have concerns about how their canine pals will react to a tiny human.

These photos, posted by dad Chris Lowe on Reddit, prove that the only thing you really need to fear in this scenario is cuteness overload (and possibly worldwide fame).

Without further ado, please meet Wilbur, a Corgi who has found his new best friend -- baby Claire.

First meet-and-greet.

Keeping her company during tummy time.

He's started sleeping in her room now...

Waiting for her to wake up.

The tube is for her bili blanket. (She had mild jaundice)

It's all good, but Wilbur and his big fat butt (see below) are gonna have to learn the concept of "personal space" at some point.

Still worried about how your dog will react to a baby? "It's never too late to train your pet to get along with small children, even if you already have a baby or a toddler," animal behaviorist Nikole Gipps explains on BabyCenter, offering helpful tips for how to make absolutely sure your pup is ready to bond.

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