Watch A Corgi School His Small Pal On True Obedience


This pooch has a paws-on approach t0 getting his little friend to sit. 

A video uploaded to YouTube features Zeus the corgi doing his part to be a good older pup, and showing his small corgi friend how to sit and stay seated. The crushingly adorable video might be from July, but a gif of it recently resurfaced on Imgur because watching cute corgis really never gets old. 

Watch Zeus use different tactics to get his friend to sit. His pal manages to plop down a few times but that's really not good enough for Zeus.

At the 0:25 mark, Zeus pushes his friend down, with a single mighty paw, into sitting position and proceeds to sit right next to him, showing him how it's done. 

See?? It's not that hard silly buddy. Now, stay! 


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