How Long It REALLY Takes To Get Over A Breakup

How Long It REALLY Takes To Get Over A Breakup

Once the romance fades and the relationship is over, how much time does it take to officially get over it?

Science says a year and a half. One 2009 study suggested it takes nearly 18 months for divorcees to feel ready to move on after a split is finalized. Another popular theory, perpetuated by the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," is that it takes half the length of the relationship's duration to recover from a breakup.

Chicago-based cartoonist Corinne Mucha offers up a new theory in her autobiographical graphic novel, Get Over It!

Mucha's comic centers on her own experience of a messy breakup, chronicling the feelings of confusion and frustration that will be immediately familiar to anyone who's been there before.

Here's one of our favorite excerpts:

corinne 1

corinne 2

corinne 3

corinne 4

corinne 5

Mucha is celebrating the release of "Get Over It!" with a reading at Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago on Friday, July 25.

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