Corinne Vionnet's Superimposed Photographs Of World Landmarks (PHOTOS)

Hundreds Of Cameras For 1 Image: World Landmark Photos Merged

Corinne Vionnet, a Swiss-based artist, has created the ultimate adventure with amazing photography of some of the world's most famous landmarks in her work, "Photo Opportunities."

To create the myriad look, Vionnet combined hundreds of photos from tourists, online keyword searches and photo sharing sites alike. She then superimposed each image on top of one another to get the desired effect. What you're seeing, then, is hundreds of the same photograph placed on top of one another.

Vionnet told Yvi magazine that the point of her creations is to show that people, tourists mainly, need to photograph their travels to prove that they were there.

She continued:

We are looking at a monument that we somehow already know. As a part of knowing that we have also been there, we need the photograph to fix the memory of our visit. By pressing the shutter button, time becomes event, a unique moment. The images made by tourists are picture imitations. They demonstrate the desire to produce a photograph of an image that already exists, one like those we have already seen. It is in fact a style of manipulating the viewer.

It's an incredible thought, and one that becomes so artistically true looking at these images.

All photos courtesy by Corinne Vionnet, courtesy of the Empty Quarter Gallery in Dubai.