Cormac McCarthy Apparently Joins Twitter, Gets Abuse

UPDATE: It seems that the account is in fact fake. GalleyCat has the story:

While the laconic writer would be a perfect fit for Twitter, the Vintage Anchor Twitter feed told publishing reporter Sarah Weinman that it was not the real McCarthy.

If the stories are to be believed, it seems that Cormac McCarthy has joined Twitter - and already he's having problems with it.

Now 78 years old, the Rhode Island-born novelist and playwright won the Pulitzer Prize for his book "The Road", and a National Book Award for his 1992 novel, "All The Pretty Horses." Moviegoers also know him for his novel "No Country for Old Men," the adaptation of which was a multiple Oscar winner in 2007.

He's not known for his adoption of modern technology - in 2009, the typewriter on which he had typed all his novels until that point sold at auction for $254,500. At the time, McCarthy declared that he had started typing on a replacement typewriter, bought by a friend.

Assuming it is in fact him, he hasn't explained his arrival, early this morning, on the micro-blogging platform. His first tweet was to fellow novelist Margaret Atwood, somewhat bashfully apologizing for sending her a message:

The tweeter, if it indeed be CMC, followed it with a few typically rugged, well-crafted sentences:

At the time of writing, @CormacCMcCarthy had gathered more than 2,000 followers.

However, it seems that already the author is being overwhelmed by messages:

That's all we all ever wished for, @CormacCMcCarthy. Welcome to the internets.