How To Shuck Corn Without Making A Scary, Hairy Messy Disaster

Actually? No shucking required. Hurrah!

Corn on the cob is the perfect summer side dish, but preparing it can be a shucking mess.

Fortunately, there's a simple way to skip the untidiness and enjoy fresh corn. The trick is to use your microwave first. No shucking required.

As Youtuber Carl Blemming shows in the video above, start with a cob still in its husk -- that's the outer green shell that you're used to stripping off -- and place it in the microwave.

Nuke each cob for three to four minutes. You can stick a couple of cobs in at once, but be sure to increase the cook time accordingly. (If you put in two cobs, microwave for six to eight minutes.)

Once it's cooked, remove the corn with gloves or oven mitts -- it's going to be hot. Then, cut off the shank -- and a bit of the actual cob -- with a sharp knife.

Now you're ready to remove the cob from its cocoon. While holding on from the uncut end, shake the corn out of its husk while leading it along with the traction of your knife.

The silk with remain neatly inside the husk, and you'll be left with an immaculately clean ear of corn, ready to be cooked up.

How you decide to prepare this seasonal delight is, of course, solely up to you. Need some ideas? Start here:

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