Cornel West Calls Barack Obama 'A Disastrous Response To A Catastrophe' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Cornel West Calls Obama 'Disastrous Response' To 'Catastrophe'

On Wednesday The Huffington Post again visited New York's Loews Regency Hotel, the self-proclaimed home of the "Power Breakfast."

During this trip, we caught up with Cornel West, the famed civil rights activist and scholar, who shared his thoughts on the 2012 presidential election and recent U.S. foreign policy.

When asked his opinion of President Barack Obama's first term thus far, West said the current commander-in-chief is "much much better than Mitt Romney" but the rest of his assessment wasn't exactly glowing.

"Mitt Romney is a catastrophic response to a catastrophe, whereas Obama is a disastrous response to a catastrophe. Is disaster better than catastrophe? Yes it is. I wish we had a third candidate who could actually do something, but we don't at the moment," West said.

The Princeton University professor was equally harsh in his critique of U.S. foreign policy. Regarding the White House's overseas drone campaign, West said, "The Obama administration is involved in some very ugly killing of innocent people."

"The drones with the bombs killing innocent civilians needs to be taken very very seriously," West said. "You can't hide and conceal that. So when I think of foreign policy, I connect the drones on the one hand to the corruption and incompetence and inefficiency of the Karzai regime.

"So I have a very very deep disagreement with the kind of U.S. foreign policy at the moment that Barack Obama is promoting," West added.

The noted pundit also shared why he wouldn't be interested in serving as president and gave a stinging appraisal of the "neo-liberals who are running things right now."

Watch the interview by playing the video clip above.

Video produced by Hunter Stuart.

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