Cornell Graduation Song Sums Up Class Of 2010 [LISTEN]

Ray bans, Adderall, skinny-dipping -- all speak to the culture of Cornell's class of 2010, at least according to a new song by Kinetics & One Love. The group, composed of Cornell students Tim Sommers and Jeremy Dussolliet -- the duo behind BoB's "Airplanes" -- is making a splash on the music scene with their new ode to the Ithaca school.

The anthem isn't just for Cornellians, though. Cornell Daily Sun columnist Cara Sprunk makes a case for the song's universality:

Despite the plethora of Cornell references the song will be easily appreciated by scores of college students who grew up on songs like Vitamin C's "The Graduation Song" and are looking for a far more fun, hip-hop version. There is something undeniably appealing about graduation songs and when you can genuinely relate to the feelings in the song -- the debauchery hockey fans feel during the Harvard game and the pain of studying for your wines final -- it only makes the song that much better.

It's no boring melody, either -- as described on the website Fresh New Tracks, the song combines "the melodic hooks of Wynter Gordon with the signature dynamic vibe of Kinetics & One Love" and turns out a "straight-up BANGER" result.

You can download the song or listen here: