Cornetto Ice Cream's Lesbian Love Story Ad Is A Sweet Treat

WATCH: Ice Cream Brand's Lesbian Love Story Is A Sweet Treat

Love between a tennis star and a lines umpire hits the sweet spot in a new short from Cornetto ice cream's Cupidity series.

The romance begins on a rocky road when our model-like pro hits the judge in the head with a serve -- but perhaps fate is at fault.

With narration and a cameo by Lily Allen, this eight-minute ad plays like ice cream: delicious and fun, but not too substantial.

Agent Provocateur and Expedia are among other brands that have promoted their products by presenting love stories that cater to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

How does Cornetto's ad stack up? Let us know in the comment, or tweet us @HuffPostGay.

(Hat tip, AdWeek)

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