Cornwall's Dramatic Minack Theatre

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Filming our Cornwall episode in southwest England, we enjoyed a play at the amazing Minack Theatre. Here's how our script describes it:

The big draw here is the Minack Theatre, carved out of rock high above the surf. This open-air theater -- with 700 seats -- is gorgeously landscaped and set in a rocky cliff with a terrace stage perched hundreds of feet over the sea. A visit by day lets you marvel at the garden-like setting and the story of Rowena Cade, the visionary theater lover who created it.

If the weather's fine and you're here at lunch or dinnertime, get a Cornish pasty and a bottle of elderflower pressé (a local herbal drink) and grab a grassy seat at the high end of the theater for a memorable picnic. Watch the gannet birds dive for a fresh fish lunch. They hit the water at 70 miles per hour. (Sadly, many of their children follow their parent's lead and dive for a fish before they understand how to do it safely...and later wash up on the shore with broken necks.)

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