There Are Lots Of COVID-19 Children's Books Now. Here's A Selection.

These stories help kids understand and process the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s hard enough for adults to wrap their heads around the COVID-19 pandemic, so needless to say, kids face even more challenges.

While parents can explain the coronavirus situation to their children in age-appropriate ways, there are also resources to guide them through these conversations. One major one is the many children’s books written in response to the pandemic.

Below, we’ve rounded up 37 books that address COVID-19 for kids.

"When We Stayed Home"
Set for release later this month, "When We Stayed Home" follows one boy’s pandemic journey as he navigates staying home, missing his friends and trying to be a "super-helper." (Available here)
"Coronavirus: A Book For Children About COVID-19"
This book uses simple language to explain to children what's going on in our world amid the pandemic. (Available here)
"Dr. Li And The Crown-Wearing Virus"
This book from the author of "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" tells the story of the late whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang. (Available here)
"Why We Stay Home: Suzie Learns About Coronavirus"
Two medical students wrote this book to help children understand the coronavirus, how to recognize the symptoms and ways to stay safe. (Available here)
"Paula and the Pandemic"
In "Paula and the Pandemic," the title character learns patience amid quarantine through growing a sunflower from a seed. (Available here)
"Stuck Inside"
This rhyming story was written to explain to U.K. children what the coronavirus lockdown means. (Available here)
"Lucy's Mask"
"Lucy's Mask" helps anxious children learn to feel comfortable with our new mask-wearing reality. (Available here)
"I Love You"
Not being able to visit older relatives is a difficult aspect of the pandemic that is addressed in this book. (Available here)
"Why Did the Whole World Stop?"
This book uses simple text and illustrations to explain the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the world to children. (Available here)
"The Unwelcome Stranger"
"The Unwelcome Stranger" offers health information to kids and provides a jumping-off point for parents to discuss the pandemic with their children. (Available here)
"Good Morning Zoom"
This upcoming parody of "Goodnight Moon" covers Zoom schooling, family video chats and more. (Available here)
"And the People Stayed Home"
This upcoming book illustrates the popular pandemic poem by Kitty O'Meara. (Available here)
"Kelly Stays Home Jr"
Eight-year-old Kelly learns the science of the coronavirus in this book geared toward very young children. (Available here)
"Bray Bray Conquers the Coronavirus"
This installment in the Adventures of Bray Bray series empowers kids to do their part to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. (Available here)
"Billie and the Brilliant Bubble"
"Billie and the Brilliant Bubble" teaches children about the importance of social distancing. (Available here)
"The Virus-Stopping Champion"
A child superhero discovers how to curb the spread of COVID-19 in this informative story. (Available here)
"We're Going To Be OK"
Two doctors wrote this book geared toward children of color as they navigate the pandemic. (Available here)
"A Kids Book About COVID-19"
This book offers answers and discussion topics for parents and kids. (Available here)
"My Hero Is You"
This book from UNICEF offers guidance to help kids understand and deal with life in the age of COVID-19. (Available here)
"What Is Social Distancing?"
This book educates children about the pandemic, as well as germs in general and other aspects of illness. (Available here)
"Captain Corona & The 19 COVID Warriors"
"Captain Corona & The 19 COVID Warriors" encourages children to look for the helpers amid the pandemic. (Available here)
"Even Astronauts Practice Social Distancing"
A teacher wrote this book to offer information and best practices for the pandemic. (Available here)
"Be a Coronavirus Fighter"
"Be A Coronavirus Fighter" urges kids to be part of the effort to stop the spread of the virus. (Available here)
"The Princess in Black and the Case of the Coronavirus"
In this installment in the "Princess in Black" series, the protagonist calls on her friends and everyone to help her fight the pandemic. (Available here)
"What Color Is Today?"
"What Color Is Today?" focuses on the way the pandemic can impact people emotionally. (Available here)
"COVID-19 Helpers"
This book centers around the important role everyone can play in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. (Available here)
"Ron and Rona Fight the Corona"
This book from an elementary school teacher, dad and pediatrician helps parents lead a dialogue about virus with their children. (Available here)
"A Kid's Guide to Coronavirus"
"A Kid's Guide To Coronavirus" provides expert-backed ways to talk to children about the pandemic. (Available here)
"My New Home School"
Adapting to the shift to at-home learning is the focus of this book. (Available here)
This book offers an explanation of the virus and the many emotions that accompany the pandemic. (Available here)
"Masked Ninja"
This installment in the "Ninja Life Hacks" series addresses germs, as well as racism and bullying. (Available here)
"P Is for Pandemic"
This book uses the ABCs to break down the pandemic (think: H is for Handwashing). (Available here)
"Rainbows in Windows"
A boy and his mother stay home together, explore their feelings and find ways to spark joy in this sweet story. (Available here)
"Dave the Dog Is Worried About Coronavirus"
Nurse Dotty the owl helps Dave the Dog understand COVID-19 and eases his fears. (Available here)
A little girl named Olivia learns to deal with the new normal in this book about the age of coronavirus. (Available here)
"The Germ That Wears a Crown"
This coloring and activity book aims to help kids cope with the stress and uncertainty of 2020. (Available here)
"When Virona the Corona Came to Town"
This story breaks down the pandemic, the feelings that come with it, terms like "social distancing" and the people helping to curb the spread of the virus. (Available here)

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