We Want To Answer Your Coronavirus Questions

What questions are on your mind right now? We want to help you find answers.

From social distancing to the economic impacts of local and regional shutdowns, the coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives.

There are so many questions that need answering. We’ve written stories tackling some of them, like how to recognize coronavirus symptoms, how to prepare for a mild case of the virus and what to do if you think you’ve contracted it.

We also know prevention is on many people’s minds. We’ve looked into how long the coronavirus can live on clothing, whether it can be spread through food and whether face masks actually protect you.

Working from home, how to talk to kids about the coronavirus and keeping your little ones busy while you’re all at home together have become major challenges, too.

But we know every person’s situation is different. What other burning questions do you have about the coronavirus and how it may affect you? Email us at coronavirus.questions@huffpost.com. Any topic is ok, and your questions will be kept anonymous. We want to help find answers for you.

We’re also hosting a virtual event with a public health expert on Tuesday, Mar. 24 starting at 12:00 pm ET. For the latest on the pandemic, you can head to our liveblog.

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