Anything But Coronavirus: 4 Other Things To Obsess Over This Weekend

Drunk Martha Stewart, leggings with pockets and more.

It’s been a month since we started sharing our favorite other things to obsess over besides COVID-19, also known as our weekly Anything But Coronavirus (ABC) column. The mission has stayed the same: Finding a few other things happening in the world besides the big thing we’re all thinking about, giving our brains a virtual vacation for a few minutes.

Some weeks are harder than others, and with new extended stay-at-home guidelines for states across the country and a continually stressful and heartbreaking news cycle, it’s not always easy to get excited about other things.

But this week, Martha Stewart got too drunk while Instagramming, and that in itself is enough to put a smile on our faces for a little while.

Here’s that story ― and three other things ― to obsess over this weekend.

Girlfriend Collective launching leggings with POCKETS.

We have been pretty much living in activewear line Girlfriend Collective sets since quarantine began, and while you most certainly don’t *need* pockets for anything right now, this new feature on the brand’s comfy leggings is something to be excited about for the future. Or, you know, carrying a snack from the kitchen to the living room.

Timothee Chalamet’s comment on Armie Hammer’s haircut.

No. Not the haircut. Just the comment. Specific, we know. But if you, like us, are still thinking about “Call Me by Your Name” three years later (Oliver and Elio forever), we know you get it. Chalamet left two hot, sweating emoji as a comment on Hammer’s new, uh, interesting quarantine look and our hearts promptly melted.

Martha Stewart drunk on Instagram, commenting on a photo of chickens.

Stewart, owner of 1 trillion copper pots and pans and one of our very favorite people on social media, did what many of us have done with our evenings since self-isolating, enjoying a few glasses of wine. She couldn’t control herself from commenting on a photo of baby chickens, and left a bunch of adorable nonsense on a photo posted by Best Little Hen House, and later explained what happened on Twitter. Seriously, Martha. Never change.

Kylie Jenner hitting back at a body-shamer.

Quarantine has given us a nice break from the constant Kardashian Koverage, but this is one moment we’re happy to keep up with. When someone commented on Kylie Jenner’s appearance on a fan account, saying she was “better” when she was thinner (which, gross), Jenner flatly responded, “I birthed a baby.”

Not that it would matter either way, but we’re happy to see a response at all.