Anything But Coronavirus: 5 Other Things To Obsess Over This Week

A few things to think about other than the thing everyone's thinking about.

Hey! What’s up? Anything new? How many minutes has it been since you washed your hands? How many times have you googled “anxiety symptoms versus coronavirus symptoms” today?

Consider this a request ― a plea ― to give your brain a break for a few minutes. It’s important to stay up to date on the news and be aware of the guidelines surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. But during this time fraught with anxiety and uncertainty, it’s also important for our mental health to think about things that are not the big thing everyone’s thinking about all the time.

Take it from me, an anxious person who thought starting “The Sopranos” from the beginning was a good idea in already trying times. I have since put that endeavor on hold. In lieu of obsessing over Carmela Soprano’s wardrobe, I’ve started obsessing over other, less stressful matters.

I’m sharing those in the first story of a new series titled Anything But Coronavirus, or ABC as I’ve taken to calling it. I hope they will make you smile, clear your head and help serve as the collective deep breath we all need to be taking every once in a while.

In no particular order, they are:

1. This adorable athletic wear collaboration from two badass women, Katie Sturino and Candice Huffine.

Running solo is, for now, still a great way to preserve mental and physical health. Katie Sturino, founder of the cult-embraced anti-chafing product line MegaBabe, and Candice Huffine, model and athletic clothing designer, teamed up on a collection of bras, leggings and shirts released earlier this month. If you’re looking for a way to support small, women-fronted businesses working to shatter stereotypes about what fit bodies look like, this is your chance. Plus, how CUTE!

2. All of these photos of Lizzo on the cover of Mexican fashion magazine Estilo DF.

I’m cryin’ because I have nowhere to go to replicate this gorgeous blue eye. Alexx Mayo, who did the makeup for this shoot, used Urban Decay and Lily Lashes. But really, everything about the spread ― the clothes, the hair, the sheer joy ― is worth a long look.

3. The New York Daily News referring to very famous and accomplished actor Idris Elba as “Cats’ Actor Idris Elba.”

Pretty self-explanatory. Just a big LOL.

4. Finding out how penguins walk down steps.

You’ve probably heard about the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago allowing its penguins to visit other exhibits while the facility is closed to the public. But have you seen them walk ― sorry ― hop down the stairs? Pure joy.

5. Moira Rose’s wigs on “Schitt’s Creek.”

Are you seriously still not watching “Schitt’s Creek”? There is no excuse anymore. It’s right there on Netflix, bringing us Catherine O’Hara and her stellar performance as medicated matriarch Moira Rose. Moira’s wigs are essentially a character on the show and for season six, the final in the series, they’ve gone all out. Co-creator Dan Levy has taken to sharing info about her wigs and headpieces, like this one made of zip ties and purchased on Etsy.

Get binging, bebes.

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