Coronavirus, Nero Meme And Sex Addict: Views From HuffPost Readers

Our editors scoured top stories to highlight some of the most thought-provoking comments.
In a recent poll, one of HuffPost members’ top-requested features was a roundup of reader comments.
In a recent poll, one of HuffPost members’ top-requested features was a roundup of reader comments.

Every week, HuffPost editors read your comments on our top stories and highlight those that cut through the noise and make us think, help us see things from a different perspective, start conversations or even change our minds. 

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“He is technically correct. Many people are going to work today and tomorrow with Corona. They are showing no symptoms. They may never show symptoms or only very minor ones. They will ‘recover’ from an illness they may never know they have. They are unaware they have it. This is turning out to be one of the most insidious ways it is spread. It is difficult to get people to exercise caution if they think they have no reason to do so.” 

— Michael Carlin

“What needs to be determined is gestation period, where its main threats are in the body, how long it can survive in an airborne environment. The head-in-the-sand approach is not the best way to go about it. The angle I would expect is economy-based for such a message – have money continue to flow through the economy to ensure there will be enough taxes raised.”

— Nobledarkmoon

“The President of the United States is downplaying the seriousness of a pandemic and for the most part, Congressional Republicans are silent. Trump is risking the health and possibly the lives of every American over the age of 50 or with a pre-existing condition.”

— Donna Breckenridge

“Trump can do as he wishes on his weekends. Staying at the White House would not have done one person with the virus any good. Only the uneducated think the President can do things to stop a virus.”

— Ben Calvert

“The problem with this criticism of Trump is [that] Trump knows nothing of Nero’s history. If he did, he would have never let this image be posted!”


“Fleecing the American taxpayer when you claim to be a billionaire is unacceptable, period.”

— Mickey Stone

“I have a problem with anyone saying ‘both sides.’ We’re talking about a criminal stealing taxpayer money. That is not a ‘both sides’ issue.”

— Joe Johns

“This is the result of a for-profit health care system. There’s no profit [in] investing in supplies and training for something that may not happen.”

— Daniel Jackson

“The true business of our government is to prepare for the next wars and cut taxes for the rich. We do everything else on a part-time basis and on the cheap.”

Aime K Kan

“Thanks for sharing. This behavior in men was always praised by other men in my youth. It’s nice to see it put in perspective. Our brains sure can override our best intentions.”

— Tommy Raymond

“Brave lady. People don’t understand this. It can be really tiring dating a sex addict for a number of reasons, mostly because you’re always looking over your shoulder.”

— Jane