Police Pull Coronavirus-Infected Surfer From Ocean For Breaking Isolation Rules

Officers in protective suits charged the woman with crimes against public health and marched her away in handcuffs.

Police in northern Spain pulled a surfer infected with coronavirus from the sea for breaking self-isolation rules and charged her with public health violations.

Officers descended on a beach in San Sebastian on Monday after they were tipped off about the woman’s flouting of the public health law by her own colleagues, reported the Euro Weekly website.

The unidentified woman reportedly resisted police commands to come out of the water for an hour. Viral video showed her swimming to shore and attempting to flee officers.

She eventually was detained by two officers in protective suits, marched away in handcuffs, and charged with disobeying the authorities and crimes against public health.

Check out the video here:

Spain imposed one of the world’s strictest lockdowns when the virus began to ravage the country in March.

It emerged from a state of emergency in June, but has since joined other European nations experiencing rapid growth in the number of new daily infections.

Some 10,000 people are testing positive for the contagion each day. The pandemic has killed almost 30,000 people in Spain.

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