Spanish Police Stop Man In T-Rex Costume Flouting Strict Coronavirus Lockdown Laws

Video footage shows officers in Murcia ticking the man off for defying stringent self-isolation laws.

Police in southeast Spain were seen on camera stopping a man who was walking down a street dressed in a Tyrannosaurus rex costume during the country’s coronavirus lockdown.

The footage, filmed by a local resident and shared on the Murcia police department’s Twitter account Monday, is set to the theme tune of the “Jurassic Park” movies. The clip shows officers in the neighborhood of Vistalegre ordering the man to return home, amid a nationwide two-week state of emergency.

The department wrote in the photo caption that the lockdown laws allow one person to be on the streets to walk their pet for a short distance so the animal can relieve itself.

“Having a Tyrannosaurus rex complex is not covered,” the department said, adding the #stayathome hashtag in Spanish.

Check out the clip here:

People in Spain are currently prohibited from leaving their homes unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as buying food or medicine, visiting medical centers or making trips to assist young or elderly people.

“We want to emphasize that we are on alert and that it is not a joke,” a spokesperson for the Murcia police department told HuffPost on Tuesday.  Police did not fine the man, but instead ordered him to return to his home nearby.

The video certainly served to reinforce the instruction to self-isolate, as it garnered more than 2 million views during its first 15 hours online.

Cops across Spain ― where the virus has infected more than 11,400 people and killed 499 ― have been relentlessly cracking down on people who ignore the law, as the videos below show:

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