Corporate Execs Beware! Social Media Can Destroy Your Executive Brand!

Social networks offer fantastic ways to stay in touch with friends, build your network and grow your executive brand in a positive way. But they can can also destroy your executive brand.
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With the recent success of the film, The Social Network, it's more important than ever for executives to understand the potentially negative consequences of social media networks.

For many, a random social media comment or photo can destroy your executive brand, which is how how you are perceived by your colleagues and those in your industry.

Whether you're updating your status on Facebook, sharing your latest thoughts on Twitter, or checking in at a location on Foursquare, every action can impact your executive brand.

Why Worry?

Corporations are becoming savvier everyday at checking their employees actions on these networks, and employees who are not representing their company in a positive manner could face an uncertain future.

It's also extremely important for executives seeking new opportunities to be careful about their social networking activities as recruiters are going beyond a Google search to check their candidates backgrounds. In fact, a thorough review of a potential new employee's Facebook page is becoming the norm, not the exception.

Top Three Things to Remember Before Posting on a Social Network

1) Your Boss is Watching!

My advice to clients is to always remember that what you're posting can and most likely will be reviewed by your superiors. If for any reason you feel like bragging about your late night party or moaning about your volatile break-up, it's probably best to make that a verbal conversation.

2) Don't Disparage Your Company
If you're having a tough day at work or just had a disagreement with your boss, don't post that on Facebook! That not only makes you look bad but your company will certainly not be pleased. In fact, I would suggest checking with your supervisor before posting anything about your company.

3) Pictures Tell a 1000 Words

Yes, it's a cliche. But in the social media world, it's more true than ever before. Photos of your wild life is fun to share with friends but not with your employer.

With all this being said, social networks offer fantastic ways to stay in touch with friends, build your network and grow your executive brand in a positive way, if you think twice before posting.

Mark Pasetsky is the founder of Mark Allen & Company, a corporate communications firm in NY, as well as the editorial director for media and entertainment site CoverAwards.

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