Rise Up Corporations! Don't Hide Behind Super PACs! Democracy Belongs To You!

The Supreme Court's Citizens United decision liberated our campaign finance system by freeing corporations to do what they do best--acquire enormous power, control regulations and eliminate competition. Only now, thanks to the vision of an enlightened Supreme Court, instead of dominating the economy alone corporations are on the brink of a new era, assuming open and transparent control over every aspect of our elected democracy.

So why aren't they? Instead of hiding behind Super PACs and campaign committees, why aren't corporations taking the logical next step after Citizens United and running for office themselves?

That's what we did. In 2010, Murray Hill Inc. became the first corporation in U.S. history to run for Congress. We thought it wouldn't be long before Exxon, Google and Philip Morris followed our example and started takeover proceedings against the U.S. Congress.

It's not enough for corporations to give tens of millions of dollars to human candidates, or lifelike candidate-bots like Mitt Romney. Humans just can't be trusted to follow the corporate line 100 percent of the time. They cling to superstitions of inalienable rights, something the Supreme Court wisely set aside, and behave as if their votes--and the greedy politicians who receive them--can make a difference.

Murray Hill Inc. says it's time to end the charade of human based democracy. That system is as out-of-date as Windows 97. We need a Democracy 2.0--at least. The bug fixes in Democracy 2.0 and all future upgrades will finally eliminate the pesky human interface once and for all. As we said during our historic run for Congress, we need to wage aggressive, innovative campaigns that put people second, or even third.

But we've been disturbed to read in recent days that some of our corporate brethren, and the millionaires and billionaires who love them, are still hiding behind Super PACs that perpetuate the failed agenda of propping up bodied human candidates (and Mitt Romney).

We see a better way. No matter who is writing the checks, or delivering the briefcases full of cash, the billions of dollars spent on elections today is still a rip-off. All of these campaign expenditures get passed on to consumers as a kind of Democracy Tax. Why should we bail out a broken system that coddles lobbyists, campaign consultants and greedy politicians?

That's why Murray Hill Inc. is getting ready to announce our campaign for President.

Bodied human and corporate persons are in this together. Let us all stand up and put the lobbyists, campaign consultants and greedy politicians out of business. Shut down the Super PACs. Elect a corporation as president and make the cherished dream of the best democracy that money can buy a reality at last.