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Corporate Punishment

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I did it. I quit my job.

Not because I don't want to work, or that I won the power ball. The truth is, I hated everything about the company I worked for. Hated the way they treated me, hated my supervisor who had zero people skills.

Hated my HR, who after countless emails back and forth, end up giving me 16 hours a month to be used for pregnancy related illnesses. I hated the fact that after almost two years of working for this company, I still was 40 hours short of being approved for bonding time with my first born(through FMLA). Hated the fact that I was 40 hours away from being approved for my FMLA maternity leave, with my second pregnancy and could only get short term.

I hated the fact that after taking an unpaid 4 month leave of absence to spend time with my second newborn, I was served with a separation review by my supervisor, because I was over my emergency sick time. Now, the reason I was over my hours, I could not use FMLA nor any other allowances at that point.

From that point on, my supervisor reminded me everyday, that any day now I will in fact be terminated.
A week went by, then two and nothing happened. When I would inquire about my employment status, I was told that nothing had changed and I will be fired.

A month later, no one would tell me anything. My so called supervisor, the same supervisor who never send me so much as a congratulations on the birth of my son, or an okay text during the almost 6 months of my absence. He simply ignored me, when I confronted him about my employment status. I explained that I had two small children, and I can not sit around and wait for Verizon to decide to fire me. As usual I was told, that it is coming and that I would get a one on one from my Associate Director regarding my employment. This never happened as well.

At that point I have had enough, I don't need your unemployment , that you would try to fight against me getting. I don't need your 80 hours of paid bonding time, that was in effect while I was on my at that point very much unpaid leave of absence, simply because no one cared to inform of that benefit that I was indeed entitled to. So keep your 401K that I can not cash out, because I haven't contribute to it enough due to my unpaid leave of absence. Keep your rolling year FMLA qualifications, that is in place to make sure it is impossible for full time employees to use their benefits. Keep your clueless and useless leadership, who support your mother unfriendly shifts.

The best in customer service, the worst in treating your working mothers.