Corps De Ballet Member Brings In $20K A Month As Master Foot Fetish Model

Corps De Ballet Member Brings In $20K A Month As Master Foot Fetish Model
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Getting in a Towne car on her way to the airport, Claire checks her carry on making sure she has what her client wants to see this evening. "Oh thank GOD! One time I showed up without my pointe shoes and he was extremely disappointed, I was afraid he was going to ask for a refund!" Claire, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, is on her way to catch her flight where upon arrival at Dulles International airport, a car will be waiting to take her straight to the Sofitel Hotel where employer will be waiting for her.

"As soon as I'm picked up by the car service, I have to put my pointe shoes on so when I first see him they're still warm. He loves the smell! He knows if I've worn them that day for rehearsal just by how damp they still are on the inside from me having worn them a few hours before seeing him!"

Claire says that she met "Mr." after a performance in which he and his family had a private meet and greet with the Principle Dancer and a Soloist for the dance company she was with at the time. "I happened to be passing by when he excused himself and followed me down the corridor. He took out his wallet and gave me $100 just to let him touch my shoes. I let him, it was $100 I made in 5 minutes! He gave me his number, we discussed what my time would cost him and the rest is history!"

Claire says that she is a "Corps De Ballet Member" or a "background dancer" who has never progressed past that role in any of the companies she has worked for. She says that "I was literally starving for my art, then "Mr." happened" says Claire who insists that she and "Mr." do not have a sexual relationship. "He just has this crazy foot fetish and the more busted up my feet look, the more he loves it! I mean, ballet dancers have THE worst feet ever, they really take a beating!"

I wonder about Mr.'s fascination and does she know how it began. "You know, the only thing he has ever said was that he liked to crawl under the kitchen table and smell his Mother's feet after she had taken her shoes off after Church." So WHAT exactly does "Mr." do other than smell Claire's feet and shoes I wonder. "Oh no, it's not JUST that! He "worships" my feet, it's like the rest of my body doesn't exist! He isn't interested in anything other than placing all my sweaty toes in his mouth and licking them clean. I think the craziest thing he's had me do is place my feet in a bowl of spaghetti and another time in mashed potatoes and gravy. He literally licked my feet clean, then ate his spaghetti and mashed potatoes!"

Claire says that traveling to Washington for the day shows just how important satiating his fetish is as he has told her that his addiction to her feet is as necessary as breathing air to live for him. Really? He's addicted to her feet? Does he have a wife and if so doesn't she EVER have stinky feet that could get him off? Claire says that he does have a wife and she is NEVER a topic of conversation as that is the easiest way to piss him off and get fired. Claire says that "Mr." has had others in his employment, but they have all tried to have an affair with him whereas she knows this is just a job. "He always knows what 2 days a week I'm off and if he's home, we get together and if he's out of town, then he sends for me." Claire says that "I feel lucky that he's still into me" as the money she makes on the side affords her to continue her dancing without having a part time job at the mall while she stays hopeful to one day at least be someone's under study.

"He takes care of everything for me, and the only requirement is for my feet to be smelly and my ballet shoes to be warm and sweaty. GOD, this is like winning the lottery and I know that! He deposits money in my account once a month and for that he owns my time and I'm totally ok with that! But let's just say that he decides he wants someone else's feet in his food, that's cool. I've enjoyed this ride, but until then, I'm going to keep giving him what he wants!"

Claire says that she knows that one day all this will end as she will have to retire one day or possibly move overseas to further her training, forever chasing the carrot in front of her to be an understudy. "Mr." says Claire, has expressed that he would be extremely disappointed when and if all that happens. Knowing that her retirement is not imminent and she still has a few years left, does she really want to spend her youth shoving her feet in spaghetti or mashed potatoes so "Mr." can get his rocks off, I mean doesn't she want to date or go out with her friends as all work and no play may make Claire a very dull girl? "I'm not going to get paid in a relationship or while I'm out with my friends and I need to get paid! Love can wait and the few friendships I have may not last. But my light bill and rent won't wait and will still be there at the end of the day! Not only that, the money I'm saving will one day buy me the opportunity to go and study in Prague and this is going to get me there! With this extra money I'm earning, I can afford to do what other dancers who can AFFORD the best DO and that is do what I NEED to do to further MY career!"

Knowing that Claire has her eye on the carrot, I have to say I'm proud of this working girl! She knows what she wants and how to get it! I also think that Claire doesn't realize that she's already a Soloist in her own production! Take a bow Claire because this girl here is giving you a standing ovation!

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