You've Been Eating These Chicken Wings All Wrong

All it takes is a twist, a pull and a suck.

In American restaurant culture, chicken wings are nearly as ubiquitous as french fries. They’re piled high at restaurant chains, tossed into baskets at late-night bars. Heck, Americans consumed 1.3 billion of them during Super Bowl weekend alone.

But with all its deep-fried popularity, why is it that we still fumble with the tricky chicken wing part known as the wingette?

retales botijero via Getty Images

Unlike the drumstick’s built-in handle, the wingette contains two bones that you have to poke your finger or tongue through to nibble on that last stringy morsel.

Don’t worry, though. If you’ve ever struggled with the wingette, actor BD Wong is here to change your meat-eating life.

In GQ’s video above, watch Wong share his masterful technique. All it takes is a few twists, a pull and one long suck.

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