Correcting a Recent Erroneous Story

I'd like to correct a recent erroneous story concerning my experience at the Pure Flow Spa on the morning of July 9th. At approximately 8:30 AM I had finished enriched oxygen treatment in the hyperbaric chamber and the chamber automatically turned off as planned. Although I should have immediately been released from the chamber, I was left inside. Unable to find a way out of the chamber and concerned about a diminishing air supply, I made a series of unanswered calls to the spa, since by chance I happened to have my cell phone with me. I then called and texted one of the owners as well as two friends to see if anyone could come to the spa. I then called 911 for assistance.

The New York City police and firefighters arrived shortly after 9 AM. Firefighters, also unable to contact the spa attendant, forced the lock of the spa door from the street and, once inside the spa, released me from the chamber. The scene was cleared by the fire department at 9:14 AM. I was evaluated at the scene and released unharmed.

I have been working with the owners of Pure Flow Spa. They are friends of mine and very conscientious. They have assured me that they are working to add new safety precautions that will ensure redundant employee supervision of all hyperbaric treatments, a new alarm system that may be operated by the client from within the hyperbaric chamber and a clear and more visible means of client controlled egress from the chamber as well as new client education procedures.