Here's How Bad Corruption Is Around The World

Don't expect bribery to get you far in New Zealand. North Korea, however, may be a different story.

A new map by Transparency International, a non-profit group dedicated to fighting governmental and corporate corruption, shows how levels of corruption vary around the world. Using data and expert opinion from 12 independent institutions specializing in governance, the group ranked 175 countries on factors such as the prevalence of bribery, how countries prosecute corruption, and how governments respond to their population's needs, such as guaranteeing basic human rights.

North American and European countries were relatively less corrupt than countries in South America, Central Africa and Asia. Somalia, known for high levels of piracy, and communist-ruled North Korea ranked as the most corrupt countries in the world. Denmark and New Zealand were the least corrupt.

Check out the map below to see how countries range from very corrupt (dark shades of red) to less corrupt (yellow).