Cory Booker: Twitter Is 'An Empowering Revolution' (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

Newark's mayor Cory Booker, one of HuffPost's Game Changers in Politics in 2010, introduced Twitter co-founder Biz Stone at the Game Changers celebration in Soho on Thursday night.

Booker dedicated himself to turning around one of the most troubled cities in America: Newark, New Jersey. The 41-year-old Yale Law grad who was recently re-elected to his second term as mayor, is changing the game with a personal touch, handing out his cellphone number to job-seekers and shoveling snow in response to Twitter requests.

Booker introduced Biz Stone on stage by saying, "What Twitter has become globally has been nothing short of a connecting and empowering revolution."

Watch Booker's inspirational speech in full, below: