Cory Booker, Newark Mayor, Helps Man Propose To Girlfriend Because He's A Romantic

Cory Booker Is A Hopeless Romantic

A man proposed to his girlfriend on Wednesday night "with a surprise assist from Cory Booker."

Less than 24 hours before popping the question, New York lawyer Israel Burns sent a tweet to Booker, the Newark, N.J., mayor known for going out of his way to help residents and fans. Burns, 26, became an admirer of Booker's while attending a Newark-based law school.

When Booker responded 10 minutes after the tweet was sent, Burns couldn't believe it.

After comparing schedules, they decided that Booker would call Burns' girlfriend Misha Wright, 35 and also a lawyer, at the Asian American Bar Association of New York’s annual dinner in Midtown Manhattan. It's where the couple had met last year.

According to the New York Daily News, Wright initially ignored Booker's call, thinking it was a prank. Burns almost lost hope.

Booker called back, however, and Wright answered. "Hi, this is Cory Booker," he said, instructing Wright to go upstairs.

Supposedly Booker would be waiting with her boyfriend in the event's VIP area. In reality only Burns was there -- but with champagne, a poem and a ring in tow.

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Wright said yes. Obviously.

According to Time, the happy couple left for the Dominican Republic Thursday morning.

Booker sealed the deal with a congratulatory tweet.

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