Cosabella's New Bra And Underwear Line Could Save You Money On Your Electric Bill

Is it ever so dark in your bedroom at night that you've considered getting a night light for the purposes of not falling en route to the bathroom?

Well, Cosabella has some good news for you (and your electricity bill). Their new "Glow" line of bras and underwear do exactly what the name suggests -- glow in the dark. Just sleep with a pair of these undies on and you'll never have to worry about it being too dark again.

Plus, they're super easy to find. Now, you can stop worrying about where you threw your bra the night before and simply... turn the lights off.

Seriously though, the idea of turning undergarments into your own personal little party is kind of intriguing, though we can't promise that you won't draw some unwanted attention on your next night out at the bar.

What do you think? Would you rock glow in the dark undergarments? Sound off below and get a pair of your own, here.




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