New Cosby Accusers Speak Out, One Offers Graphic Account Of Alleged Assault

Sexual assault and drugging allegations continue to mount against comedian Bill Cosby as more and more women come forward, pushing the number of accusers to nearly 50. But the statute of limitations has run out for most of his accusers, with the possible exception of 24-year-old Chloe Goins, who opens up to Dr. Phil about her claims of a night with Cosby in a daytime exclusive interview airing Thursday, Sept. 10. 

In the video above, Goins gives her account of being at the Playboy Mansion when she was 18 years old, where she claims Cosby offered her a drink and then sexually assaulted her. “I got very dizzy and disoriented. I pretty much blacked out,” she says, explaining that the next thing she remembers is waking up to Cosby licking her toes. “I try to do the best I can to put this in the back of my mind. And if it wasn’t for the other women, I’m not sure I would have been able to come out.”

Goins is joined by other Cosby accusers, including Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer, who says she met Cosby on a movie set in 1971. “I had just started out as an actress and Cosby met me, so I followed him down a corridor,” she recalls. “He opened the door, and there was this chair and it was just right in the doorway, like out of place. And I thought he was going to move it out of the way. Instead, he said, ‘Have a seat.’ And he seemed to be in a hurry. I never got to move because his hand came around to the back of my head and as I looked up, he was exposing his genitals and he was right in my face.” 

She continues, “I don’t want to get graphic, but you know when you’re shocked you … open your mouth a little bit. And that was my mistake. And then he just made this horrible mess all over me. And the hardest part was he gloated over my humiliation. And he reached into his pocket. He had, like, a big wad of Kleenex and he started cleaning me up. He was dabbing at me and by this time, I’ve closed my eyes because I really think I’m going to faint, and he said, ‘I’ve blessed you now. You know you’ve been blessed.’”

Whitedeer says she told “not a living soul” what happened that day.

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