The Cosby Obama Show On 'SNL' Featuring Joe Jamal-Biden (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Cosby Obama Show On 'SNL'

As the only "SNL" cast member to have ever played Michelle Obama, we just knew Maya Rudolph would be spoofing the First Lady when she hosted the show this weekend - but we definitely didn't see this coming.

Both the classic intro and set of "The Cosby Show" are parodied to perfection in this sketch, wherein Michelle Obama introduces us to her latest commitment to fighting childhood obesity: a sitcom starring her family, their secret service agents and Joe Jamal-Biden.

Obviously, Joe Jamal-Biden is the biggest highlight. We're not sure how he became the Obamas' son, but his sweater and goofy dancing pretty much steal the show. Fred Armisen pulls double duty as Barack Obama and Bill Cosby, and you can tell he probably spent a good chunk of time getting Cosby's facial expressions just right. If so, it was definitely worth it.

Watch the full sketch above.

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