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Cosmetics n' Chaos: 10 Things That'll Keep You Fresh During Summer Music Fests

Anyone who has been to a music festival knows that it involves a whole lotta bodies, sweat and, if you're lucky, public urination. I get through it by keeping a stash of strategic beauty items to keep me feeling fresh and clean. Here's what's in my music festival mayhem beauty survival kit.
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Anyone who has been to a music festival knows that it involves a whole lotta bodies, sweat and, if you're lucky, public urination. And at The Governor's Ball in New York last weekend you can add rain to the list. Translation: mud and flooded port-o-potties. I have never been so muddy in my life, you'd think I was the descendent of the Honey Island Swamp Monster. Now, I know that some people are rough and tumble festival goers who revel in down and dirty fun. I am not one of those people. In fact I've been called "Prissy Krissy" on more than one occasion and many wonder how I've backpacked across two continents and enjoyed my share of grimy summer music festivals. I do it by stashing strategic beauty items (along with a grounding mantra), which keep me feeling so fresh and so clean. Here's what's in my music festival mayhem beauty survival kit.

1. Hair Powder - I always pack my Pure + Simple Organic Lavender Hair Powder when I need to be feeling fresh for the long haul. A little dusting of this into your roots soaks up oil and restores volume. This particular hair powder is all-natural and talc-free, so it can also double as a body powder that absorbs grease all over without irritating or drying our your skin.

2. Rosehip Skin Tonic (in spray bottle) - Bring able to mist yourself with an organic floral water not only smells lovely for a bit of aromatherapy but also cools and rehydrates your skin during a day in the hot sun. A little bit of zen contained in to a tiny bottle. I love the Holistic Vanity Repairing Rosehip Skin Tonic because rosehip is known for combating UV damage as well as is an anti-inflammatory.

3. Kaia Bamboo Cloths - Cleansing wipes with a conscience, these biodegradable facial cloths are perfect when you need to clean up on-the-go. If you're like me, you've been kicked in the face more times than you'd like by a body surfer (always a drunk girl in my case). These handy wipes will have you clean of dirt, mud (and hostility) in no time.

4. Pure + Simple All Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 - Sunblock is essential for any summer music festival. You're probably spending seven hours plus out in an open, shadeless area. Mineral sunblock tends to have better water-resistance, need to be reapplied less often and don't deactivate unlike chemical sunscreen agents. Pair this with wearing a hat. I got my army cap for $8 in Kensington Market. Rocking out doesn't mean getting burnt, dude be sun safe.

5. Jane Iredale Moon Glow Mineral Bronzer - The perfect pair of glamor and practicality, you can get that sun-kissed look without the sun damage. This quad bronzer contains four colors so you can either brush them all on as a golden wash or mix and match using one on your cheeks and another on your eyes. This compact is a gives you the ability to touch up and pack light.

6. Kiss Me Mascara - You'll be glad if you get rained out to be armed with water-resistant mascara. Avoid a Tammy Fey moment with the famed Kiss Me brand as this mascara tubes your lashes. This means that upon being applied its coating dries as a tube around your eye lash making it resistant to running and pumping up the volume.

7. Seabuckthorn Oil - Often when you feel dirty, its really because your skin in dry - a common result of sun, sweat and water-loss throughout the day. This build up of dead skin cells can lead to ickiness as well as itchiness. Apply this oil to your face and body when prepping in the morning to prevent skin dehydration. You should also keep it handy during the day to prevent skin chaffing. A great protector for between the legs as well as where your bag or backpack rubs your shoulders. While any natural oil will do, seabuckthorn is particularly great as it guards against UV damage.

8. Pure + Simple Sensitive Skin Cleansing Milk - Many people assume that a bubbling, foaming cleanser is needed for washing away dirt and mud, but as an esthetician I know that milk cleanser are actually best. They loosen up stubborn build up in a jiffy and all the while restoring skin moisture. There's strength in being gentle.

9. Dry Brush - Nothing feels better than a deep scrub down to brush away the debris of the day. Take your cleansing step one further and pack a dry brush. I guarantee that daily dry brushing will have you feeling polished and refreshed in minutes: The perfect prep for another day of bass and feedback.

10. Vitamin C - While skin care and makeup is important, real beauty must be honed both inside and out. Whether spending the day in a mosh pit or camping out hillside, you should always take care of your immune system. Pack some good old fashioned vitamin C and give your internal body some TLC too.