Cosmic View

Right outside our planet is the magnificent Hubble Telescope. It has been there since 1990. It takes pictures and videos for astronomers, physicists, and beings to take in (as desired).

Edwin Hubble was certain that there were more galaxies than the one we live on. He proved it right, thanks to his guidance from Henrietta Leavitt. Whom was able to measure the magnitude of the stars first.

I was made aware of these pictures few years ago, and when this happened my feet no longer just stood on this planet. I was cosmic from that moment on. There is evidence, from the attempts and focus of the Hubble telescope of all the galaxies it has captured so far. Such grand accomplishments.

My wonder now is from their collaborations and knowings, what are we going to document or share for the generations to come, to expand from? Will cosmic awareness be a blink away from future generations?

Just how a baby flourishes from attention from a loved one, does outer space call our attention as well?

Especially the ones who love outer space?