'Cosmopolis' Trailer: Robert Pattinson Goes Shirtless In NSFW Teaser

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson Goes Shirtless In NSFW 'Cosmopolis' Teaser

Robert Pattinson is really looking to shed his"Twilight" image.

After portraying a man with a trio of mistresses in this year's "Bel Ami," the actor is set to star in David Cronenberg's adaptation of Don DeLillo's "Cosmopolis."

In the first (foreign) teaser for the film, fans get a brief look at Pattinson shooting guns and having several sexual encounters around New York City.

"I was impressed with his screen presence and a lot of his stillness... But the other movies showed me he had range. He had the range that I wanted," Cronenberg told Vulture's Jada Yuan back in December.

Based on DeLillo's, "Cosmopollis" follows multi-millionaire Eric Parker (Pattinson), as he takes day-long trek across Manhattan in a limo.

The film is currently set for release this year, but no date has been announced. You can watch the NSFW trailer for "Cosmopolis" -- complete with French subtitles -- above.

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