Cosmopolitan Las Vegas: Is It The Last Dinosaur? (VIDEO)

Back in December, The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas' newest mega-resort and casino, opened to much fanfare and hype.

On New Year's Eve, the resort hosted one of the hottest parties in town.

So what makes the resort so special? Is it the David Rockwell-designed lobby? The 2,995 guest rooms? The 13 restaurants, including hits such as Scarpetta, Blue Ribbon Sushi and Comme Ça? Or is it simply that it may just be the last of its kind in Vegas, a town that has struggled horribly during the downturn?

Regardless of what makes it special, there is no doubt that The Cosmopolitan holds a special place in Las Vegas' future. "Nightline" caught up with the resort's CEO, John Unwin, and walked around the place, including the many shops and restaurants around the property.

WATCH the interview below: