Two Cosplayers Got Married, But There Wasn't A Costume In Sight

Dressed up or dressed down, this couple is stunning. 👭
02/27/2017 06:40pm ET
Sørine (aka Surine Cosplay) as a female Draco Malfoy on the left and Carina (aka Rinaca Cosplay) as a female Harry Potter on the right.

Cosplayers Carina and Sørine may dress up as characters for fun, but on their wedding day, they decided to keep things real.

A gorgeous portrait of the couple on their wedding day last summer. 

“Although cosplay is a very fun hobby, we only wear cosplays for conventions and photo shoots,” Carina told The Huffington Post. “When we said ‘yes’ to each other, we wanted to do it as ourselves and not a character.”

Both brides opted to wear classic wedding dresses. The seamstress behind the gowns is Shinji Costumes and Tailoring.

The pair tied the knot on July 2, 2016 in a gorgeous ceremony at Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen, Denmark, where they live with their two cats.

Love is in the air. 

"[Sørine] makes me smile every day and I feel like I can accomplish anything with her by my side," Carina wrote on Facebook. "I’m truly blessed to have an amazing wife like her."

An sweet candid moment between the couple. 

Both ladies have been cosplaying for years; Sørine began in 2005 and Carina in 2010.

“We both attended the Japanese pop culture conventions we have in Denmark and got into cosplay from there,” Carina told HuffPost.

Carina cosplaying as Princess Daisy (left) and Sørine cosplaying as Princess Peach (right) from Super Mario.

The couple loves to dress up as their favorite characters from comics, manga, anime and other games.

“Some of our favorite cosplays are Neon Genesis Evangelion and Drakengard 3,” Carina said. “Recently we cosplayed Super Mario’s Peach and Daisy. “

Sørine as Four (left) and Carina as Zero (right) from Drakengard 3.
Carina as Supergirl (left) and Sørine as Power Girl (right) from DC Comics. 
Carina (left) as Sailor Neptune and Sørine as Sailor Uranus (right) from Sailor Moon. 

The lovebirds attended the same high school, but weren’t close at the time. Later, after Sørine had moved to a different school, they happened to run into each other at a comic book store. They struck up a conversation and exchanged phone numbers.

A photo of the couple in their everyday life -- no costumes here! 

After six years of friendship, the couple took their relationship to the next level. The rest, as they say, is history. Below, more photos from the couple’s big day celebration:

For more of their cosplay adventures, you can follow them at Surine Cosplay and Rinaca Cosplay on Facebook.

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