Costa Concordia Lawsuit: Passenger Sues Cruise Line Over Miscarriage (VIDEO)

Passenger Sues Costa Over Miscarriage

Another Costa Concordia passenger has come forward and filed a lawsuit against Costa Crociere.

A 30-year-old Italian woman identified only as Cristina M. claims she was four months pregnant when she went on the doomed Costa Concordia cruise, the Herald Sun reports.

Though she managed to get off the sinking ship, she was admitted to a hospital last week and suffered a miscarriage. She is now suing the company for one million Euros in damages.

The Herald Sun reports that her doctors claim the "intense psychological stress suffered both during the night-time evacuation and when her lifeboat smashed up against rocks as it headed for the nearby shore" is to blame.

Cristina M's sad lawsuit is just the latest to be filed by passengers on the ship, which ran aground on January 13. Already, a 70-person lawsuit has been filed by Codacons, seeking at least 10,000 Euros in compensation for passengers. A French couple are said to be collecting signatures to join their suit against the tour operator for "failure to help people in danger, putting in danger the lives of others, involuntary homicide and lack of security information."

Meanwhile, lawsuits in the U.S. may face a tough battle over maritime laws. It was reported last month that Costa has offered $14,460 plus reimbursement for the cost of cruise tickets and extra travel expenses to any passengers willing to bite.

Below are images from the deadly cruise ship disaster:

Costa Condordia

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