Mesmerizing Video Shows How Costco Pizza Is Made

This video is SAUCY.

Costco, that beloved purveyor of apocalypse-sized goods and outrageous items, is well-known for its pizza. The deliciously cheap slices have a cult-like following among Costco shoppers.

Thanks to a recently resurfaced video from Youtuber Paul Shakuri, we now have a better understanding of what makes the pizza so delicious: robots. Well, maybe not robots per se, but electronic dispensers that spread sauce so evenly it would make even the finest pizza-makers jealous.

Watch the video above to see the best tomato technique we've ever seen. Something else to keep in mind? One slice of Costco cheese pizza comes in at around 800 calories and 20 grams of saturated fat, so you might not want to eat one on every single trip to the store.

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