1 Dead, 2 Wounded In Shooting During Argument Inside Southern California Costco

The gunman fired up to eight shots as panicked shoppers fled, witnesses say.

One man was killed and two other people injured in a shooting that erupted Friday evening during an argument inside a Costco store in Southern California, according to law enforcement.

The shooter fired seven or eight shots in the store in Corona, according to witnesses. It wasn’t immediately clear if the shooter was arguing with another man, or with a woman carrying a child, reported CBS KACL-9.

Chaos erupted amid the gunfire, sending panicked employees and shoppers either ducking into a refrigerated produce room or stampeding outside.

Corona Police Department officers arrested the suspected shooter, who was still on the scene when they arrived.

Wounded shoppers were taken to a nearby hospital. The shooter, who was not immediately identified, also claimed to be injured and was also taken to a hospital for treatment, said Corona police Lt. Jeff Edwards.

Retired Marine Aurtis Wilson told The Press-Enterprise that he heard two people arguing near the store’s produce section. “The next thing I know I hear seven shots,” he said. He said he grabbed his wife and adult daughter and ran. 

“This is crazy,” he said.

Shopper Christina Colis told the newspaper she and others hid in the refrigerated produce room. When a worker led them through an emergency exit, police ordered them to put their hands up.

“It was scary,” she said.

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