World's Dumbest Shoplifters Literally Run Into The Police At Costco

Suspects are accused of taking $2,200 in merch from the warehouse club.

A pair of alleged thieves in Seattle bolted through a Costco fire exit last week to what they had thought was a waiting getaway car. 

The car was there, but so was the police, as the video above shows.

Hey buddy!” one the cops greeted the pair as they burst through the doors to find their escape route blocked. Police officers could also be heard laughing at the easy apprehension. 

The incident happened last Wednesday after Costco workers spotted someone they believed was involved in a previous shoplifting incident in which the suspects also ran out the fire exit, a Seattle Police Department news release said.

In this case, the police spotted a vehicle parked at the same exit and blocked the 18-year-old female driver from leaving. The officers then gathered around the fire exit door and waited.

Minutes later, a 30-year-old man and 21-year-old woman emerged with an armful of goods. Police said they had stolen computers and a vacuum, with an estimated value of $2,200.

The male also possessed a knife with a 7-inch blade, police said.  

Although the suspects were not publicly identified, the man was booked for investigation of robbery while the two women were booked for investigation of theft, the news release added. The alleged thieves were also suspected in a similar theft at another Costco earlier in the day.