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Cotija Recipes: How To Use This Crumbly, Salty, Mexican Cheese (PHOTOS)

We like to think of this Mexican cheese as a cross between feta and Parmesan.

Cheese is pretty important to us, as you guys well know. We try to eat as many varieties as we can, in as many applications as we can and then tell you all about the best ways. For science, or something.

Today, we're here to discuss one of our favorite Mexican cheeses -- cotija. Named after the town of Cotija in Michoacán, Mexico, this salty, crumbly, dry cow's milk cheese is sort of like a cross between feta and Parmesan. People often use ricotta salata as a cotija substitute, but cotija has a noticeably funkier, longer-aged flavor. You've probably had cotija sprinkled on tacos, elote (Mexican street corn) and maybe even chilaquiles. But sometimes, that block of cotija stares you down from the fridge and you need some other things to enjoy it on. We've found you some delicious possibilities.

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