10 Cottage Gardens That Are Just Too Charming For Words (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: 10 Of The Most Charming Cottage Gardens

All outdoor spaces are unique in their own way. But if you're really looking to up the ante in yours, we recommend take a cue from these lovely cottage gardens. They're backyard oases with a laid-back, charming and romantic feel. Unlike other gardens, ones in this style usually have a casual layout and mix flowers, herbs and veggies freely.

If this sounds like the type of backyard you want, scroll through these photos to get some inspiration for your own space.

We can only imagine how fragrant this front yard is.
The colors really make this brown house standout.
Now this place looks like a wonderland.
Okay, we just found our dream home... and our dream garden.
The small stone wall gives some structure to this uninhibited garden.
For some reason, we just want to lay on top of this bed of flowers.
Even the roof of this house is getting in on the fun.
We love the greenery that borders the wild flowers.
By landscaping a pathway through the garden, you end up making a very romantic setting.
Every house on the block has one!

Another great yard idea? Container gardens!

Container Gardens

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