This Cottage Is Just. Too. Cute. (PHOTOS)

Looking for the most adorable cottage in the world? Well, contrary to what you might think, you won't find it tucked away in a faraway Disney-like forest or even sitting somewhere in the Middle Earth shire. It's actually hiding between Montecito’s Upper and Lower Villages in Santa Barbara, California -- and for $1.19 million, this distinctive 1-bedroom, 1-bath, 510-square-foot home could be yours.

But don't scoff at the price just yet. Behind the strikingly bold front door and quaint bricks made from the clay unearthed in digging its foundation is a surprisingly historic property hand-built by longtime resident and former gas company worker Richard Berrett. According to the town's local paper, the Montecito Insider, Berrett bought a parcel of land in the late '60s where he erected the quirky building with the help of the original owner, artist Bobby Hyde.

But Hyde, who purchased the adobe brick maker to begin the construction project, wasn't the only neighbor lending a helping hand at the time, as Berrett's daughter, Julie Angelos, recalls the construction of 1035 Coyote Road as nothing short of "communal event." And seeing as the majority of said community members "used to have their drums and their hippie stuff," it's no wonder the home emerged with a gentle, bohemian vibe that even Berrett called his "zen paradise."

Now, several decades and two fires later, Angelos reveals that her father is ready to sell it to a right buyer. Our guess? Hopefully someone who appreciates the free-spirited past and adorable present of this quirky and humble abode.

This Cottage Is Just. Too. Cute.

H/T to Curbed for bringing this endearing cottage to our attention.

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