Cottagecore Home Decor Finds To Bring The Farm Inside

Here's how to get that "farmhouse feel" even if you're nowhere near the countryside.

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Take the farm indoors with these farmhouse finds for your home.
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Take the farm indoors with these farmhouse finds for your home.

When it comes to home decor trends, what’s old is new (yet) again.

Many of us have been searching for vintage furniture rather than buying brand-new: Art deco-style furniture has returned from the 1920s to 2020, and the matte black look is back because of the rise of industrial and minimalist styles.

In 2019, farmhouse architecture and decor was the most searched home trend on Google. But a new year hasn’t made farmhouse go away — in fact, far from it. The trend has just gotten a modern makeover.

That’s all thanks to cottagecore, an aesthetic all about cultivating the rustic farm aesthetic for modern day.

For a real rustic look, farmhouse traditionally means turning to things like gingham, plaid, wicker and wood to decorate around the (farm)house. In fact, 2019′s version of farmhouse included elements such as reclaimed wood, metals with antique finishes and barn doors.

The cottagecore trend has added whimsical touches to the decor style — think mushroom pillows, pressed flower jewelry boxes and strawberry embroidery hoops.

Consider adding gingham, plaid, wicker and wood to get the cottagecore style.
Consider adding gingham, plaid, wicker and wood to get the cottagecore style.

Even Anthropologie’s latest home collection was inspired by farmhouse style, with painted earthenware and distressed leather chairs. Etsy’s list of top home decor trends for 2020 had hints of the country with “redefined resin,” burl wood and bee motifs all in this year. Target, too, has a dedicated farmhouse section to shop through.

So if you’re looking to go farmhouse, you’ll find that there’s lots of rustic and rural-looking home decor to add to your cart (or basket). From incense holders shaped like little critters to a wood-and-metal blanket ladder that doubles as a bookcase, we picked out farmhouse and cottagecore home decor you’ll love if you appreciate the look of the countryside.

Take a look:

Funny Bunny Hand Mirror
This hand mirror will make your dresser or vanity look pretty as a picture. And it "doubles as an IRL Instagram filter." Find it for $20 at Catbird.
Thin Pocket Watch Clock Brass
You can tell time with this wall clock that looks like you found it in a flea market. Find it for $15 at Target.
Fae Vanity Tray
Urban Outfitters
Put your sweet-smelling perfumes, serums and rings on this vanity tray, which looks like trinket from a different era. Find it for $34 at Urban Outfitters.
Surya Teresa Crochet Throw
It'll look like you picked this throw, which features a delicate crochet flower pattern, from a vintage shop. Toss it over a leather seat for a mix of hard and soft. Find it for $55 at Walmart.
Marina Patchwork Pillow
Patch things up with this patchwork pillow that has colorful patterns that shouldn't work together, but actually do. Find it for $40 at Anthropologie.
Farmhouse Galvanized Windmill Wall Sculpture
If you're not into the now ubiquitous sunburst mirrors, you might go for this windmill wall hanging that looks handmade. Find it for $36 at Amazon.
Cheshire 5 ft Blanket Ladder
Put away plants and books on this tiered ladder organizer, which comes with four storage bins. You can always hide away your knickknacks in here, too. Find it for $188 at Wayfair.
3-Tier Rustic Kitchen Stand - Galvanized Metal Kitchen Tray with Farmhouse Style
If you're in a small space, turn to this kitchen stand that can store utensils, spices and other essentials. With three tiers, you'll find you can save lots of room on your countertop. Find it for $27 at Walmart.
Zen Creature Incense Holder
Not into candles? These cute critters can hold your incense so your room still smells like your favorite scent. Find it for $34 at Anthropologie.
Cottagecore Aesthetic Throw Pillow
FreshBodShop / Etsy
If you're not a plant parent but want to bring greenery into your space, you can't go wrong with this pillow. Find it for $24 on Etsy.
Metal And Wood 24 Bottle Aiden Wine Rack
World Market
Made of rustic metal and mango wood, this wine rack can carry 24 bottles of wine and hold up to 15 wine glasses. So now you can get back some space on your shelves. Find it for $160 at World Market.
Floral Embossed Clamp Jars, Set of 3
Pasta, nuts and candies — these are just a few of the things that you can put into these jars. The jars feature bold colors and painted bouquets that'll brighten up your countertops. Find the set for $24 at Walmart.
Tufted Mushroom Throw Pillow
Urban Outfitters
To bring the forest inside, you might just pop this kitschy mushroom-shaped pillow on an armchair. Find it for $49 at Urban Outfitters.
Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shakers Set
The mini mason jars have embossed details, and the wooden tray is handmade and hand-painted. Find the set for $15 at Amazon.
Rhett Traditional Rustic 28 in. Table Lamp
This lamp is designed to have a candlestick silhouette and antique brown finish. It's so simple that it can fit in just about anywhere. Find it for $54 at Walmart.
Rigo Hand Woven Jute Area Rug
This neutral, natural-looking rug will make a statement wherever you lay it down. It has a braided texture that's better to clean by shaking off rather than vacuuming over. Find it for $36 at Amazon.
Floral Press Jewelry Box
Dried flowers are all the rage now. But if you don't have too many flowers nearby to pick from, you can always go for this jewelry box that's pressed with blooming blossoms. Find it for $68 at Anthropologie.
Pantry Stacked Farm Animals Kitchen Dish Towel 18 x 28-inch Set of 4
These cotton dish towels will bring the farm animals inside. Find the set for $13 at Amazon.
Rustic Wooden Tray for Ottoman Coffee Table
To keep your coffee table clutter-free, this rustic tray has enough room for remotes, magazines and small succulents. Plus, you can use it for breakfast in bed. Find it for $35 at Amazon.
Gingham Farmhouse Window Curtain Tie Up Shades
When you think of farmhouse style, gingham is probably one of the first things you imagine. These top-rated gingham curtains come ready to hang and are machine washable. Find it for $20 at Amazon.
Farmhouse Scale Candleholder
This candleholder will definitely be the center of attention — it's vintage-inspired and sure to make a statement. And everything looks better by candlelight anyway. Find it for $17 at Amazon.
Extra Large Space Saving Vertical Black Bread Box
If you've been busy in the last couple of months creating the perfect croissant or getting your sourdough started, you'll want this bread box to keep the crunchy crust on your loaves. Find it for $35 at Amazon.
Rustic Farmhouse Cooking Stand Tablet Holder Accessory
To bake an apple pie from scratch or to get that gravy just right, you can get this cooking stand that can hold a cookbook or a tablet so you don't have to touch the page or screen with flour on your hands. Find it for $43 at Wayfair.
Galvanized Metal Wall Planter
This set of planters come with a two galvanized buckets, two hemp ropes and two black metal hooks. You'll just need to add the flowers — either fresh or faux. Find it for $21 at Amazon.
Decorative Round Rattan Basket
With this basket, you can store away extra blankets, towels and toys to declutter around the house. The rattan makes this basket a bit bohemian, too. Find it starting at $40 at Target.
Chandelier Mug Tree
Make your collection of mugs a little more organized with this chandelier-like mug tree. We recommend showing off your most beautiful mugs. Find it for $22 at Walmart.
Mikasa 3 Tier Standing Market Storage Metal Basket
Take the farmers market indoors with this three-tier metal basket that can hold all your fresh fruits and veggies. It has an antique black finish that will look better with a little wear. Find it for $60 at Wayfair.

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