Adorable Cotton Candy Girl Is The Hero We All Need Right Now

Fans tried to have her named "player of the game."

Think you’re happy? Maybe you are, but are you THIS happy? 

Cotton Candy Girl, as she’s being called online, was attending the Seattle Mariners game on Wednesday night when the team showed footage of her enjoying the unnaturally blue treat. 

Really enjoying it. 

The girl has not yet been publicly named, but proud dad Jake Hart shared the clip on Twitter. A family friend at the game, John McCallum, posted a follow-up image that revealed the Cotton Candy Girl’s enthusiasm showed no signs of fading: 

Afterward, the team asked fans to name the “player of the game,” but said Cotton Candy Girl wasn’t eligible.

The fans, naturally, revolted:

Eventually, the team relented ― sort of ― and shared a Photoshopped image of Cotton Candy Girl wearing the “Swelmet,” or the helmet worn by the player of the game after each big win: 

The actual player of the game was Adam Lind, who hit two homers in the 8-3 win over the Texas Rangers.

But how does he handle blue cotton candy?



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