We Tasted The New Cotton Candy Oreos So You Don't Have To

Why do we do this to ourselves?

When word leaked back in February that Oreo planned to release a cotton candy-flavored cookie, we were skeptical. Cotton candy's best asset isn't its taste, but rather its cloud-like texture, which seems nothing short of magical when you're a kid. But will that fluffy brilliance translate well into the paste inside an Oreo cookie?

Its release date was pegged for April 1, leading one to believe that it could just be a cruel April Fools joke. But April is here, and so are Cotton Candy Oreos -- they're real.

Cotton Candy Oreos are exclusively available at Target, in the same vein as the much-hated-on Fruit Punch and Watermelon flavored Oreos from recent history. If we've learned anything from the past, we shouldn't expect much from Cotton Candy Oreos.


But we may have judged this book by its cover a little too quickly. Upon tasting this cookie, which features a pastel blue-pink swirl sandwiched inside two layers of Golden Oreos, HuffPost editors had the following reactions:

  • "These taste exactly like cotton candy. So much so that it's actually shocking. There's even a slight fluffiness to the cream, which is appropriately a blue and pink swirl. They're sugary without being overpowering. I imagine this Oreo iteration would fare well in a milkshake. 9/10, would definitely eat again."

  • "The aftertaste very much tastes like actual cotton candy. Ate three and now I have a stomach ache. "
  • "It really tasted like cotton candy at first, and then I think the sugar overload killed my tastebuds and I couldn't taste cotton candy anymore. I'll admit it: I didn't hate it!"
  • "It tastes like I'm eating memories of my childhood trips to the fair/circus. Also, it has that kind of 'icy' feeling you get when you chew minty gum (as weird as that sounds)."
  • "I don't understand how it can taste so much like cotton candy, because isn't cotton candy just sugar? But this doesn't simply taste like sugar. It tastes specifically like cotton candy. I really don't get it."
  • To sum it up, we were perplexed -- and we definitely didn't hate them with the ferocity we expected. To get your own taste, you'll have to find your local Target and buy yourself a bag.

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