6 Couches For Small Apartments That Will Actually Fit In Your Space (PHOTOS)

Or anyone that lives in a small space. (Isn't that most of us?)

Whether you live in a city or the suburbs, one thing is for sure: Your apartment is too damn small. Though we've seen ingenious solutions for making a tiny floor plan work, the challenge has been in finding furniture to fit in the space. Especially couches, which seem to mainly come in "McMansion"-friendly sizes.

There is a solution, though. Many manufacturers have gotten in the game of making furnishings specifically for small spaces. We're not talking about futons (though those are still available to those who want to relive their college years), but stylish pieces with the right proportions. Here's a selection of our favorite couches for small apartments:

UNDER $1000

apartment sofas

A nice modern option at a great price ($588), available in more colors than what you'd get at a place like IKEA or Target.

apartment sofa

Macy's has a surprising array of apartment-friendly pieces. We liked the tufted detail and lush velvet of this particular model (which is currently on sale for $599), but there are more traditional options available from this mass retailer as well.

apartment sofa

This cushy option would fit nearly any decor style, from modern to retro. If you like it, act quick... it's on sale now.

OVER $1000

apartment sofa

There's an apartment-sized sofa for $1,029, but we favor the slightly bigger "mid-size" sofa ($1,049) if you can swing it in your space. The scale is slightly more "couch" and less "loveseat."

isadore sofa

Though a little more expensive (at a sale price of $1,192), you can customize this tufted-back sofa. (Note: Club Furniture shows the three-cushion sofa for the Isadore model. The apartment-sized option has two cushions.)

apartment sofa

Another option that's on the "investment" end of the spectrum (at a starting price of $1299), this will be the sofa you can use for years to come. Ballard has very high quality standards for their upholstered pieces, and give you plenty of options for customization. Even if you move into a bigger home, you will find a use for this sofa.

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