A Cougar's 10 Tips For Dating Younger Men (VIDEO)

Pie, 58, is a self-admitted “cougar” whose latest “cub” is 24-year-old Oleg, whom she’s been dating for four months. “The sexual relationship is really just the icing on the cake, the whip cream on the pie. It’s just a great perk that comes along with young men,” she says. “Anyone who has an issue with me going out with younger men — love is love, baby. You never know where you’re going to find it.”

Pie offers her top 10 tips for dating younger men in the video above, including not to nag him because you’ll remind him of his mother and to ignore people’s stares.

But Pie’s friend, Terese, worries that Pie repeatedly falls for young studs and then they leave her, breaking her heart. “When all the fun is over and they’ve gone, I have to be there for her, to build her up,” she says. “She feels abandoned. She feels taken for granted. They promise her a lot of things, and nothing comes to fruition.”

Pie says that in one of her previous relationships with a man her age, he was married and lied throughout their relationship and broke her heart. “What’s the difference?” she asks. “That was a man my age — I thought we had a future, and that came crashing down.”

Terese also says Pie won’t give men her age a chance unless they are attractive.

“I don’t always look for the good bodies,” Pie says. “Some of my ex-boyfriends didn’t have good bodies, and I loved them just like a big teddy bear, just like Dr. Phil!”

Dr. Phil doesn’t take that sitting down. He struts his stuff to show Pie he’s still got it going on!

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