'Cougar Town' Tour: Creators Bill Lawrence & Kevin Biegel To Host Viewing Parties

The 'Cougar Town' Tour That Could Save The Show

With "Cougar Town" left off ABC's midseason schedule and its third season cut seven episodes, the show's co-creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel are literally going to great lengths to get some hype back for their comedy.

Lawrence and Biegel are launching a tour, according to Variety, which includes "Cougar Town" viewing parties at different cities all over the country. There will be at least one regular cast member -- Courteney Cox and Busy Phillips star on the series -- and writer at every venue, as well as prizes for the fans in attendance.

So far, there have been events scheduled for Dec. 27 in Atlanta, Louisville and Sarasota, according to Lawrence's Twitter account. Other likely locations include New York, Boston, Phoenix, Austin, San Francisco, San Diego, Connecticut, Philadelphia and Lawrence mentioned three events in Los Angeles. More January locations will be announced Friday, Dec. 23.

"These are not ABC events," Lawrence tweeted Monday. "They're 'Bill and Kevin are idiot'' events."

Lawrence, who previously put in major efforts to save his last series "Scrubs," told The Hollywood Reporter in April that it's important to give loyal fans "as much access, content and interaction as possible." He added, "For me, every show that I've felt like, 'Wow, they actually care what the fans think' or 'They're actually writing for somebody,' I'm more loyal to."

When "Cougar Town" went M.I.A. from the ABC schedule in November, Lawrence tweeted, "I don't think ABC has vendetta against me. They have been great to me. Just think they made wrong move. We shall see..." Later, he added, "Still pissed off re: ABC schedule. Show will do fine, though. We will win in the end. Not delusional, I swear."

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