Could Carl Paladino Really Win?

The biggest fight in politics is between the norm and something else.

There's official, socialized, dress-for-success, acceptable manners, know-all-the-right-people stuff, and then there's the other -- the uncouth.

There's Andrew Cuomo and then there's Carl Paladino.

The latter is a rude, nasty, semi-literate seeming buffoon. The former has, at various points in his career, been considered rude and nasty, but never a buffoon. Now he is smooth and controlled. In fact, one of his big career accomplishments is to have become smooth and controlled. So it must be irritating and confounding to have to even make the case against someone like Paladino, who doesn't at all care about the most basic requirements of political style and etiquette.

Theoretically, Paladino doesn't have a chance.

And yet he is already so much more acceptable in his grossness and loucheness, and fascinating for it, than he was even just a little more than a week ago.

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