Could Godzilla Exist In Real Life? Here's The Science Behind That Very Question (VIDEO)

WATCH: Could Godzilla Really Exist?

Godzilla exists in the movies, sure. But could a sea monster of such epic proportions exist in real life?

Probably not. At least that's what Jake Roper, producer/host of the YouTube series Vsauce3, argues in a fun new video (above). It seems the laws of physics would make life very, very difficult for a beast that stands 355 feet tall and weighs 90,000 tons.

"Once emerging from the depths and stepping foot onto the beach, he would sink into the Earth due to his immense foot pressure," Roper explains. "His bones and cartilage would give out under his weight and his body slamming against the ground would be the extent of his destruction."

And gravity isn't the only obstacle a real-life Godzilla would face, according to the video. Getting enough to eat would be a big challenge for animal that requires some 215 million calories a day.

Consider: a single human body might provide about 110,000 calories, which means Godzilla would have to eat 1,950 of us a day just to keep the weight on.

Looks like Godzilla's upcoming appearances will be strictly on-screen. Phew!

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